Speaking Engagements

Talks on video games and visual effects at various conferences around the world

Most Recent Event:

2018.05 Creative Coast Festival @ Karlshamn, Sweden

2017.05 IFCC @ Zagreb, Croatia

2016.06 CreativaFest @ Mexico City, Mexico

2016.05 Nordic Game Conference @ Malmo, Sweden

2015.10 PixelVienna @ Vienna, Austria

2011.07 TLP LANParty @ Tenerife, Spain

May we meet sometime, somewhere!

Listen to my Podcasts

Some wonderful people asked me to be a part of their podcasts over the years. I tried to impart any wisdom I had to help out anyone listening.  Thanks for the great questions from the hosts and to anyone tuning in!

Video Podcast #06

From Blizzard to Parallax Studio

David Luong is a cinematic artist who worked in Blizzard for 15 years and now works as an Art Director at Parallax studio.

Video Podcast #05

ATMO Interview

Join ATMO as we hang out with David Luong, a veteran senior environment artist and matte painter. We’ll learn about how he got started in the industry and take a look at some of his incredible work from his time at Blizzard, which you can find on our website (www.atmovfx.com). David will share some of the challenges he’s faced throughout his career, as well as his strategies for success.

Video Podcast #04

Crafting Magic with David Luong

We’re having a chat with the former Blizzard Senior Cinematic Artist, now Senior Artist at “Imagendary Studios” about his creative path, his role in making famous Blizzard cinematics, behind the scenes details of that process, his future plans and what he can say to people who pursue their dreams.

A podcast by Bizarre Self-Production, Interviewed by Sergey Burdukov on January 29th, 2022

Podcast #03

Bring Your Art Into a New Realm

In this episode, we discuss: How he finds motivation to work on his own personal work away from Blizzard. His newest potential distraction from his personal work: Breath of the Wild. How and why he and his husband started their art gallery, Photonic Playground. The self-doubt that he experienced before putting up his own artwork in the gallery for the first show…and more!

A podcast by Your Creative Push, Interviewed by Youngman Brown on April 27, 2017

Podcast #02

How David Luong become a cinematic vfx artist at Blizzard

Ever wondered how a cinematic VFX artist works, or how to get into the exciting games industry? In this week’s podcast, he talks about how he got into the industry, and how he’s committed to helping new artists establish themselves by showing their work at his art gallery in Santa Ana, California.

A podcast by The Pencil Kings, Interviewed by Mitch Bowler on April 4, 2016

Podcast #01

Exposing Yourself

David and I delved into the world of a professional artist: What it takes to pursue art professionally, how to learn as an artist, how to teach as an artist and how to make money!

A podcast by The Knowledge Spot, Interviewed by Jared Cherry on September 21, 2015