d’Artiste: Matte Painting vol. 3 Book

I was honored to be invited by Ballstic Media Publishing and CGSociety to be a co-author for the third incarnation of this book series which gave me much inspiration in the past.  These are the 3 new pieces I created as tutorials for the book, Ivory Castle, Monolith City, and Skyward Life. The book debuted in the fall of 2013, with Damien Mace and Milan Schere who also co-authored the book in partnership with Ballistic Media Publishing.  It details tutorials on how to create digital matte paintings in production. Along with the three main authors, it also features artists from around the world and their captivating art work in this must have book for any art or digital matte painting enthusiast.  It showcases many works from popular movies and video games. Also, the foreword was written by the legendary traditional matte painter, Michael Pangrazio, currently senior art director at Weta Digital in New Zealand. Here’s a review of the book by Parka Blogs. This book is no longer in print.




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