After 10 years of teaching through CGSociety/CGMA, I’m no longer teaching as I pursue other things. I may come back some day! But for now Advanced Matte Painting taught by the wonderful Igor Staritsin. My old course was an 8 week course that taught people around the world Intro to Digital Matte Painting. Examples of student works are below and some resources to learn about the craft.

Check out the DMP Tome of Knowledge on, a forum full of links that I’ve curated over the years, to learn more about digital matte painting. I also have a Meet the Artist forum via where you can ask any questions about my career and the industry full of answers for everyone to glean.

You can also check out my d’Artiste: Matte Painting vol 3 book co-written by Damien Mace, Milan Schere, and myself with a foreword by legendary matte painter, Michael Pangrazio.

Past Student Work

Student Testimonials

It’s been so great to be in your class. I took some other online courses before and I think this is definitely one of the best CGworkshop I took so far. Thanks so much for your quick and in-depth response and paint-over in our assignments. I was thinking of giving up after the first week. But after looking at the forum and lectures, I think it will be worth it if I spend time in the course. I spent my weekends reading through your videos and working on the assignment, and hard work really pays off. I am glad I didn’t give up right away.

Fiona Wong, CGWorkshop Student March 2016

It’s the first workshop I did, and it was a great experience ! Seeing the work and WIP of other mates was really helpful to understand what was my current level and skill, it allows me to compare with others, I don’t really know a lot of people doing this actually, my friends don’t even really know the difference between a concept and a matte painting so. Due to this workshop, I am more disciplined, make more personal projects, and share again and again to have feedback like it was the case here! So thank you for this workshop because now I discover this “mood” of sharing.Of course I learned A LOT ! I learned about the workflow, about composition and colors, and amazing tips.. and more ^^ So amazing workshop, great work mood!

David Bihan, CGWorkshop Student March 2016

I’ve done two other CGsociety courses in the past and I can say without a doubt that this was the most intense and rewarding one. First of all:  The amount of concrete, little technical tips and tricks you learn is huge. IMHO the course is focused less on theory, and much more on hands on stuff and that’s just the way I like it. This actually leads into my next point: The absolutely most valuable part of the course is the unrelenting and massive amounts of practical feedback you receive from David. The feedback is elaborate, starts with the big strokes but later evolves to the nitty gritty details all the way to the finished piece, while still giving people freedom to explore their own ideas. This happened consistently on a daily basis, without exception. Hats off to that.Thank you for your patience and support.

Jelle Husson, CGWorkshop Student March 2016