Hanamura Showdown

Released April 25, 2017

This cinematic signals the release of Heroes of the Storm 2.0, a major update to the game plus the introduction of Genji and Dva to the Nexus. The fight is against the Lord of Terror, Diablo, in the Overwatch level of Hanamura. I did the lighting/rendering/compositing for these shots and the last huge shot of the show starring all three characters. Lighting lead by Enrique Munoz. Directed by Jason Hill. Art direction by Mathias Verhasselt.

Forged by Fire

Released November 4, 2016

Ragnaros finds a new hero to fight against him, Varian of the Alliance from World of Warcraft! I created the digital matte painting for this shot in the cinematic, with the lighting/compositing done by Jason Fleming. Directed by Jason Hill. Art direction by Jake Panian.

Medivh’s Introduction

Released June 14, 2016

I helped out the in game cinematics team here with some compositing, with 3D rendered assets from machinima artists using the in game engine. Directed by Jason Hill.

Heroes of the Storm Trailer

November 8, 2013

The introduction cinematic for the official stand alone game of Heroes of the Storm, presented during BlizzCon 2013 at the opening ceremony with thunderous rapture from the audience…the halls were shaking! I did the lighting/compositing in these shots, with a logo update via compositing going into the dust. Lighting lead by Graham Cunningham. Directed by Matt Samia. Art directed by Stephane Belin.

All art work copyright Blizzard Entertainment © and is part of a team effort at Blizzard Animation. Use of images without consent is strictly prohibited.