Hearth and Home

August 23, 2017

This was the first fully 3D animated Hearthstone project featuring an all new cast in Blizzard’s first musical! In this cinematic, the main character, Ava, discovers a box that transports her into an inn full of magical beings and card players. I got to work on some of the biggest shots on this cinematic with a great deal of hero characters in a single shot through lighting, rendering and compositing. Lead lighting by Fabio Stabel. Directed by Jeramiah Johnson. Art directed by Jake Panian.

Poster for the cinematic that I created using cinematic assets. Rendered then composited in Photoshop along with layout for high res painting and graphic design.

Journey to Un’Goro

February 27, 2017

For this 2.5D motion story cinematic, adventurers explore the dangers of this prehistoric crater. For these shots, I did compositing work to bring them to life alongside the motion story and illustration team. The murloc shot was illustrated by Sam Nielson and the elemental shot was done by Rob Sevilla. Motion story lead by Matthew Mead. Directed by Brian Horn. Art directed by David Satchwell.

Hearthstone Intro: Heroes of Warcraft

March 22, 2013

This was our first Hearthstone cinematic to introduce the game released at PAX East. I got to help prototype the 2.5D look for the franchise on the compositing and projection end, working closely with Matthew Mead, who later formed his own team specializing in 2.5D trailers for the cinematics team. The illustrators would provide the PSD files, and we would break them up into layers, adding movement to it and projecting them onto simple geometry. Directed by James McCoy.

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