Astropulse: Reincarnation

April 18th, 2024

Astropulse: Reincarnation, the new single-player, sci-fi third-person shooter/RPG set on a war-torn future Earth from Imagendary Studios and creative director, Wei Wang. We were working on the cinematic and the game prototype at the same time using UE5 before the major layoffs occurred.

I started working on Astropulse as one of the senior lighters. I later worked as the Lead Digimatte Artist figuring out how to create better looking environments through digital matte painting and helping build out a team, while still helping light some shots and integrate them using Unreal Engine 5.

Digital Matte Painting work: Antarctica, flower field, space nebula shots.  Lighting/Comp work: Flower field, space nebula, zombie city, mutant with exposed heart, and queen with blood wings.

Digital Matte Paintings Solo

For the opening shot, I created this layered stormy sky, which later was turned into a bigger task of creating the mid ground canyon environment also. I used Terragen to create the base, with height maps created from the Grand Canyon, then painted on top of it to achieve the look. Additional matte painting on top done by Jun Sun. It was all cut up into layers and projected onto simple geometry inside Unreal Engine 5 to be completely real time.

I also animated the lightning strikes and textures to pass onto final compositing of the shot, done by our lead lighter, Fabio Stabel.

An early test of animating the lightning textures and the warping of the sky (exaggerated for the shot). Note that this wasn’t the final color correction for the shot.

This digital matte painting was done for the second Antarctica shot in the cinematic.

This digital matte painting was done for the shot panning down to the ice encased beetle Antarctica shot in the cinematic. I built the terrain using Terragen and then further developed and painted on top of it.

See the cinematic below:

All art work copyright Imagendary Studios/FunPlus ©  Use of images without consent is strictly prohibited.