A Prince’s Wish Cinematic

Released February 8, 2024

After working on Blizzard cinematics for 15 years, “A Prince’s Wish” was the first Riot Game Studios cinematic credit and first project I was Art Director on for Parallax Studios. Under the creative direction of Steve Jung, and thanks to our amazing artists, we concepted and designed Prince Lee Sin, the main Heavenly Terrace, many of the props and key visuals to help guide the cinematic team.

Production: Helena Crist, Tara Walker, Jeff Walton
Soufiane Idrassi, Nikita Pilyukshin, Dao Vi, Nikola Sinitsa, Sergei Borisenko, Daniel Lee, Wong Kahzhuan, Magdalena Radziej, Dae Geon Jang.
All art work copyright Riot Games and Parallax Studios © and is part of a team effort at their respective studios. Use of images without consent is strictly prohibited.